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My Tennis Story

I’ve been playing tennis since I was about six years old. I learned the game from the Head Pro at the Washington Golf and Country Club on the public courts at Yorktown High School in Arlington, VA. I played #1 for Langley High School in McLean, VA during my junior and senior years of high school, and in college, I was a member of the Water Polo, Swimming and Tennis Teams at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

I had a successful career in new product marketing and development in the pharmaceutical industry. Later, I started, managed, and sold a clinical contract research organization. After I had experienced commercial success, I turned towards my passion of playing tennis. I have always loved being outdoors and making friends through this wonderful game, so I decided to start teaching it to others.

I’m a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association with their insurance coverage, and I specialize in the USTA’s Quick Start Program for 4 to 10 year olds. I’m particularly passionate about teaching tennis to children because it’s a non-contact sport, which makes it very safe for young children to play while also providing options for competition. There are many opportunities to compete with tennis, including high school teams, college teams, and leagues at private clubs and public tennis facilities. For competitive natured people, tennis affords opportunities to play on teams, compete individually, and compete with partners.

I believe tennis is a good sport for anyone to learn, regardless of their desire to compete. There aren’t many sports that allow for lifetime enjoyment and provide organized opportunities to play outside of school, but tennis is one of them. This means that a child or adult would benefit from learning the sport even if they have no intentions of competing – it’s a great way to get exercise while having fun, and it leads to many opportunities to meet new people.

Most people who play sports compete in school and maybe in college, but there aren’t a lot of opportunities to play most sports in an organized fashion after college – tennis is totally different. You can enjoy tennis as long as you can walk (and there’s even wheelchair tennis!), and you can play it no matter how young or old you are. Because so many people love it, there are great social networks around tennis, so knowing the game is a way to make friends practically anywhere you go.

I provide lessons to children and adults, and I tailor lessons to exactly what the individual student’s goals are. I’ve worked with kids who are hoping to make their high school tennis teams as well as adults who are just looking for a fun way to get exercise. I’m excited to teach tennis to anyone, regardless of their goal, because I love this sport and want to share it with people so that they can get the same lifetime of exercise and enjoyment that I’ve had through tennis.

If your interested in learning how to play tennis or want to try it out, give me a call at (703) 957-8877.

–Coach Stephen

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