Our Lessons

Tennis One Lessons™ is a carefully designed and implemented approach to the total tennis game. The overall goal in the program is to teach tennis for a lifetime of enjoyment and exercise. Sophisticated teaching techniques to analyze and develop strokes are employed. Proper practice and drilling techniques are clearly demonstrated while basic and advanced strategy is taught by lecture and demonstration. The small student/instructor ratio guarantee individual attention and evaluation.

Lessons For Kids

We specialize in the USTA’s Quick Start Program for 4 to 10 year olds. For children, we recommend private lessons so that young, developing players can get the one-on-one attention they need and deserve; however, excellent group lessons are available for after school programs through local elementary schools and/or PTAs and PTOs. 


Lessons For Adults

We are happy to work with adults of any skill level, whether the goal is to improve an aspect of your game or simply learn the sport.

Lessons For Groups

We provide group lessons for adults and small group lessons for children if it is deemed appropriate. 

Our Rates

1x per week – $60/hr

2x+ per week – $50/hr

1x per week – $30

2x+ per week – $25

$22/hr per person

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